Top 10 MBA Colleges in India 2017

In order to get the career boost you have dreamed of and to get into an MNC you have always visualized about, a mere college degree is not enough. But an MBA can do the trick if you are looking for the best upgrade to your qualification and career. And not just an MBA, you need to in the best colleges for the right kind of exposure. And to get into these best colleges you need to have an excellent GMAT / CAT score. To get into the Top MBA Colleges you need a good amount of preparation. While some students get this kind of score in a matter of months, some students still prepare for about an year or so for the same kind of results. But if you know the right place to pitch yourself, then your research and hard work is worth it. Here is a list of top MBA Colleges in India in 2017 to get into in order of their ranks :


1. Indian Institute Of Management Ahmedabad:

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad is the world’s toughest B-School to get into with a acceptance rate of 0.2%. The cut off percentage for CAT in this college is 78.96 and GMAT score required to get into the college is 700. The campus is spread over an area of 106 acres. It was established in 1961, it is the oldest IIM after IIM Calcutta. It has a AAAAA state rating. The median salary of placed candidates here is 21.13 lakhs per annum.

Courses offered in IIM Ahmedabad are Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Information Technology for Management, Communication for Management Teachers, Economic Environment & Policy, Understanding Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Statistics for Data Analysis, Operations Management, Qualitative Research Methods and few others. The average fee for the two-year programme in IIM Ahmedabad falls around INR 21 lakh. It varies with different courses and number of external options selected. IIM Ahmedabad tops the list of our top MBA Colleges in India. 

2. Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore:

IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore requires a CAT score of 78.82 to get into the college. It ranks easily among the top 5 IIM’s in the country. It also has an AAAAA state rating in Karnataka. It is also one of the best B-schools of Asia Pacific region, established in 1973. Freshers from this college get a median salary of INR 20 lakhs per annum as package.

IIM Bangalore offers wide range of courses namely Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Managerial Communication, Competition & Strategy, Managing People and Performance in Organisations, Macroeconomics, Management Accounting and much more. The campus spreads over 100 acres and has all the modern facilities for best ever studying experience.

IIM Bangalore has given a tentative fee estimate of INR 28 lakh for students enrolling in the 2-year course. Their residential section is 3.5 km away from the institution and this fee does not cover the transport charges.

3. Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta:

IIM calcutta

IIM Calcutta is the oldest known IIM established in the country in the year 1961. The prestigious institute requires a entry CAT score of 76.6. The b-school has a median salary of Rs 40 lakhs. To get into the college you need an overall score of 410 in GMAT and 76.6 in CAT. It has a very good AAAAA state rating in West Bengal.

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta offers Managerial Communication, Global Scenario, Regulatory National & International, Managerial Economics, Organizational Structure and Design, Marketing, Financial Analysis, ERP Workflow & BPR, Human resource & labour law, Production Management, Project Management, Interpersonal Skills & Leadership, Green Manufacturing, Ethics & Values in Business and few other courses for MBA students. The cost of studying at IIM Calcutta falls around INR 22 lakh.

4. Indian Institute Of Management Lucknow:

IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow is one of the prestigious management institutes of the country, situated in Uttar Pradesh. The institute has an acceptance CAT score of 71.58 and was established in 1984. The average median salary of a pass out from this b-school is 18.45 lakhs per annum. It has a state ranking of AAAA+. It has a campus spread across 200 acres.

IIM Lucknow offers courses related to agribusiness management, sustainable management, finance, marketing, operations, human resource, economics and strategy planning. They have a student exchange program that helps IIM students spend three months in a foreign university. The tie-up extends to USA, Europe, China, Canada and Singapore. Apart from that, a dual degree option is also available with one of the reputed university of France. IIM Lucknow has decided to increase their overall fee by 15 percent but still, that makes it around 4-5 lakh lower than IIM Calcutta.

5. Indian Institute Of Management Kozhikode:

IIM Kozhikode

It is one of the later established institutes out of the 19 IIM’s. It was established in 1997 in the state of Kerala. It has an acceptance cut off CAT score requirement of 65.41. A pass out from this b-school gets a calculated median salary of INR 15,50,000 per annum. It has a state ranking of AAAA+ and also accepts GMAT score of 348 for admissions.

IIM Kozhikode spreads over 97 acres of suburban land and offers courses like Economics, Finance, Accounting and Control, Quantitative Methods and Operations Management, Humanities & Liberal Arts in Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources and Retail Management. After passing through all the admission steps, one needs to go through its fee structure for more details. They charge around INR 8 lakh for the two year course, making it one of the most affordable IIM to study around the country. Although, there were news regarding the increase in fees for different courses.

6. Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi:


IIT Delhi ranks on spot 6 for best b-schools in the country. It has a department of management studies for MBA. It has an acceptance CAT score cut-off of 64.51, it was established in 1981. The candidates passing out from the college get a median starting pay package of INR 14.19 lakhs per annum. It has a top AAAAA state ranking and only accept CAT score for entrance.

Indian Institute of Delhi has a total fee of around INR 8 lakh that needs to be paid in equal installments during this period. They have all the same rules as other IITs that includes 5 percent relaxation in marks for SC/ST students, more than 60 percent in bachelor’s degree and many more. Key courses covered under IIT Delhi include HRM systems, Business laws, Business research models, People skills, Management of control system, Emerging Issue study and many more.

7. Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur:

IIM Kharagpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has an MBA programme which accepts CAT score with a cut off of 63.12. IIT Kharagpur MBA gets a median calculated salary of INR 11.83 lakhs. It has a state rating of AAAA+ in West Bengal. It is built on a 2100 acres campus. It was established in 1951. It has an impressive b-school ranking of #7 in the Top MBA Colleges in the country.

The fee for an MBA course at IIT Kharagpur falls around INR 8 lakh, divided into four installments that are to be paid every semester. The nature of courses that one can study at IIT Kharagpur includes Production & Operations, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management, Legal Aspects of Business, Quantitative Methods, Business Ethics, Finance and Business Communication.

8. Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee:

IIT roorkee

IIT in Roorkee has an impressive b-school ranking of #8 in the Top MBA Colleges in the country. It has an acceptance score of 62.46 as a cut-off. It has an average median salary of INR 9 lakhs. It has an AAAA+ state rating in Uttrakhand and they also accept a GMAT score of 346.68 as a cut-off. It was founded in 1847.

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is spread over 365 acres, making it one of the largest IIM campus around India. It holds the title of Asia’s oldest technical institution as 170 years of legacy comes attached with the institution. An administrative staff of 1000 helps more than 8,000 students realize their passion for study. It takes around INR 7 lakh to enroll in an MBA course. The fee can be paid in four unequal installments (falling around INR 1.75 lakh each) that includes all the security deposits also.

The five departments of MBA at IIT Roorkee are:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • HRM

9. Xavier Labour Relations Institute:

Xavier Labour Relations Institute Top MBA Colleges

Xavier Relations Institute is the only private college on the list of top ranking b-schools of 2017 and gets the spot #9 on the Top MBA Colleges list. It is situated in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and was founded in 1949. They get an acceptance score of 61.08 in CAT as a cutoff for admissions. Pass outs from this college get a median salary of INR 18 lakhs per annum. They offer postgraduate diploma in Human resource management. It has an impressive b-school ranking of #9 in the Top MBA Colleges in the country.

They also have partnerships with various international level groups such as Tulane University, ESADE Business School for student/ faculty exchange, research, training etc. The fee structure varies highly with different nature of courses while average fee for an MBA falls around INR 17 lakh.

10. Indian Institute Of Management Indore:

iim-indore Top MBA Colleges

IIT Indore is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and was founded in the year 1996. They accept a CAT score of 59.59 and enjoy a state rating of AAAA+. Pass-outs from this IIM get an average median salary of INR 14.50 lakhs per annum. It exists on a suburban campus of 193 acres. It has an impressive b-school ranking of #10 in the Top MBA Colleges in the country.

They offer courses in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Organizational Behaviour, Decision Science, Operations and Services Management, Marketing, Economics, Information Technology , Communication, Legal Aspects of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Strategy, International Business, and Entrepreneurship. The total fee lasts for about INR 5.5 lakhs for a 2-year course in Masters in Business Administration.

Here is a general MBA Subject layout with a total of 24 subjects

MBA 1st Semester:-

1.Principles of management

2.Marketing management

3.Business Communication

4.Financial Accounting

5.Business Maths

6.Information Technology and Business

MBA 2nd Semester:-

1.Financial Management

2.Management Information System


4.Inferential Statistics

5.Cost Accounting/Managerial Accounting

6.Principles Of Marketing

MBA 3rd Semester

1.Training & Development

2.Financial Management

3.Personal policy

4.Human Resource Management

5.Business Research method


MBA 4 Semester


2.Project management

3.Organisational Behaviour

4.Strategic management

5.Industrial Relation

6.International Finance management

This course aims specifically on the overall development of the individual and also help infuse a sense of corporate awareness. Various personality related tests are also considered to assess the performance of the person undergoing the course. Business communication is also an integral part of the course. These ingredients along with the choice of subjects decide the future for the individual. In order to have a lucrative career, one must also possess strong knowledge of all these subjects. This knowledge is also useful for cracking various entrance interviews which happen after clearing the exams.

Here are some tips for first timers for interviews to the various IIMs and other colleges

  • Stay calm and revise your graduation subjects well
  • Do not arrive late for interviews
  • Be formally dressed and wear decent light colors to the interview
  • Answer all the questions confidently
  • Do not pretend that you know everything and admit to your mistakes
  • Carry all your papers, mark sheets, identification cards etc
  • Avoid getting nervous or fidgeting

There is no shortcut to success but if you have the right kind of attitude then even these prestigious institutes are not far away! To get into the Top MBA Colleges, you need an excellent academic score and also a good percentile in your CAT/GMAT. There is no shortcut but you can always make it through! We wish you all the luck for your exams.

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